InterLibrary Loan

Contact and Staff

Interlibrary Loan, 
Lodz University of Technology
223 Wólczańska Street, 90-924 Łódź

phone: +48 42 631 20 64


Interlibrary Loan (ILL) enables Lodz University of Technology students, faculty, and staff with library borrowing privileges to request materials not owned by Library. This service allows users to request articles, book chapters, books, and other media from libraries throughout the world.


For whom

- students,
- phd students,
- faculty staff of TUL may use InterlibraryLoan to request materials from other institutions.


Processing Times

Standard book request: up to 10 days

Standard article or book chapter requests: 24 to 48 hours


Financial Responsibility

Ordering books from other libraries in Poland – free of charge

Ordering articles/chapters from Polish libraries – usually free of charge

Ordering books and articles from foreign libraries – the service is payable (the cost varies from country, precise information at Interlibrary Loan)


Accessing Requested Material

We will send an email notification when requested books are available at TUL Library.

Articles and book chapters will be delivered electronically to the reader.

Books requested through interlibrary loan are reference only ("In-Library Use Only")


How to order materials

1. interlibrary loan info

2. fill the form (detailed bibliographic data): download DOC or PDF file

3. send the request with filled form to:


Library staff will take care of finding the institution which owns desired materials. Users could locate materials in other libraries using, for example WorldCat - a database that allows researchers to search the combined catalogs of hundreds of libraries around the world. This source can help researchers find items, verify citations, and identify which libraries hold a particular title.