Who can borrow books from the Library?


Every student who has the electronic Student ID card from Lodz University of Technology is automatically enrolled at the Library and has the right to use its services.

The books can be borrowed by:

  • Lodz University of Technology (TUL) Staff
  • TUL undergraduate Students
  • Postgraduate Students of TUL and unenrolled students
  • Ph.D. Students of TUL
  • TUL Secondary School pupils
  • Undergraduate Students of other Lodz Universities that signed an agreement
  • Honorary Readers of the Library
  • Retired TUL Staff
  • Persons of age who have paid the deposit - a fee which is calculated on the bases of the value of the book (The minimal cost is given in the Annexe 1.)
  • External Readers and institutions - submitting interlibrary loan requests.

A valid Electronic Student ID or Library Card gives users the right to use not only printed collections, but also Library's electronic resources.

Borrowing allowances

UsersNumber of periodNumber of renewals
Academic Staff members and postgraduate Ph.D. Students    25 180 days   3 
Students   16   90 days   1 
Retired TUL Staff   5   90 days   1 
Other readers 3 30 days no renewals

Renewal can be done in duration of 30 days prior the fixed time of return, not before.

Loan rules


To check out circulating material from the Library the user should have a valid Electronic Student ID or Library Card. The account should be clear from blockades (e.g.. because of overdue items, not paid fees, books not collected on time etc.). Users  can borrow books directly from open-shelf area using self-check machines (lending stands).

Users paying the deposit fee are obliged to present in the Lending Room a receipt as a proof of deposit paid. The receipt will be returned to the Reader on return of the books, and it will enable the deposit collection. Users who neither collected reserved books on time, nor made order cancellation, may be punished by suspension of their rights to lend books in the Main Library and Branch Libraries for period of 14 days since the time they should collect books from the Lending Room. 

Loan and return transactions are computer- registered.