E-learning course - Library training for foreign students

We know that international students often face many challenges. To help make your experience of studying at TUL a success, the Library offers both support and services. New students should attend a Library training - this will introduce you to the Library's services and resources. It is also an obligatory subject for first-year and foreign students. 

The aim of the course is to provide our first-time users with the most important information about the Library of the Lodz University of Technology, our services and collections and – in general – how to use the library. 

The training will guide you through all library floors, all printed collections and electronic resources, study and lounge areas, open spaces and electronic facilities for users. It will teach you how to use library’s computer catalog, how to search through our printed and electronic collections and use them inside and outside the library. To pass the Library Training, you need to take the test, go through 10 questions and get at least 70% of the right answers.

"Library training for foreign students" is an obligatory subject for first-year and foreign students.

The quiz
15th October - 16th December 2018 -- the quiz is open 

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Inter-Library Loan service for TUL students

The Library of Lodz University of Technology can borrow materials not owned by Library. This service is called InterLibrary Loan and it allows users to request articles, book chapters, books, and other media from libraries throughout the world.

Here you can find most important information about InterLibrary Loan service: who can use it, what are processing times, do you have to pay for it and how to order materials. There is also a form to fill - eventually you can order materials by e-mail or by-person, when visiting the Library.

How to set-up eduroam service?

Library of Lodz University of Technology offers access to the Internet in many ways. Users can use our computers or connect through cable to network ports (RJ-45 cable can be borrowed on the 1st floor at the Circulation desk in the Main Library).The whole Library (and most of the University's buildings) is also in the range of Wi-Fi network called eduroam (edu roaming - official website).

It is the secure, wireless internet roaming access service developed for the research and education community. eduroam allows students, researchers and staff to obtain Internet connectivity across campus and when visiting other participating institutions by simply opening their laptop. It takes a few more steps to configure but provides a secure encrypted connection unlike most Wi-Fi services.

Here you can find information in English - note that nor librarians nor Library's IT department is responsible for proper eduroam's configuration, hence use contact information from mentioned website.


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